So so so happy!

I haven't posted in a while but... I am now married to the love of my life, ihateswine. I even got to legally change my first name when I changed my last. I am now legally MAEGHANNE! I could have changed it at any time, but I got to do so in conjunction with becoming his wife! Beautiful, albeit sentimental and girly. :D

I love him! I love him! I love him!

Wedding pics are here:

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tis I

Been a while...

I really need to update my Live Journal more. LOL.

So, in late August I moved to Minneapolis to be with the love of my life, ihateswine. I am so in love with him and this city! I just started my new job yesterday in a call center... gotta do what I gotta do... *shrug*! I'm looking forward to getting back into school next semester and continuing to bask in the glory of a kind of love that I had no idea existed!
tis I

Upon the new decade...

I am not usually one for New Year's resolutions. I can, however, say that I will continue to try and view all of my encounters with joy, love, and optimism. This year has provided me many opportunities to learn and grow. (Meaning... it has been difficult). Yet, I have been immeasurably blessed with a different perspective to obstacles. (I appreciate the help Ganesha). I feel overwhelmingly where I need to be. There are things I must do. I am doing them. There are things I can not undo. And I'm ok with that.

I look forward to the new adventures ahead of me. I hope my "lust of result" dissipates and allows me to further enjoy each moment of my journey. I hope to better control the ego and learn a humility that does not disregard myself entirely. I am grateful for the time I've had to myself these last months. Being alone most of the time has been very healing. I am in good company by myself and no longer feel alone at any point. "The only time we waste in life is the time we spend thinking that we are alone." (-Mitch Albom) I am not afraid anymore. Of anything.

It is not to the coming year that I raise my glass... but to the passing year and all it's given me.

I have a job....

At 3:45 p.m I did a ritual invocation of Lakshmi.

At 4:30 p.m I got a call for a 6:00 p.m interview.

At 7:30 p.m (just as I had gotten home)... I was informed that I had gotten the job.

I <3 Magick! (And Lakshmi!)


I was just watching V for Vendetta because it sounded like a good idea at the time. Just finished it and realized that it is now Nov. 5th.

SOOOO not planned. Kinda creep-sie.


"Behold! these be grave mysteries; for there are also of my friends who be hermits. Now think not to find them in the forest or on the mountain; but in beds of purple, caressed by magnificent beasts of women with large limbs, and fire and light in their eyes, and masses of flaming hair about them; there shall ye find them. Ye shall see them at rule, at victorious armies, at all the joy; and there shall be in them a joy a million times greater than this. Beware lest any force another, King against King! Love one another with burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride, in the day of your wrath."

Liber Al II:24
Coke.. hooker&#39;s ass... etc...

I'm here......

I'm now at my mother's place. For those that would like the land line to speak to me here, I'm more than happy to provide it off list, however, my cell doesn't get reception here.

James and I made it through Denver today and had lunch with a brother! (93 Brother...Thanks so much for lunch!) And then went and had a root beer float with my older sis Desiree. She rocks so hard. :D

Then... it was on the road to bum fuck Nebraska. I really felt fine when we got here. It wasn't until the sun started setting and I was engaging in conversations around the dinner table about the church pie social and how disappointed they are in < insert person A's choice here >, listening to my dog cry out on the porch... that I started feeling it. I am not me here. I knew I wouldn't be. I knew that this was going to be a "temporary uncomfortable" until I find work and a place in Denver. I am still going through a bit of growing pain. I miss home, and people, and sex, and drinking without having the empties counted, and letting my dog roam around, and... it's only the first night.

I really should be less and more critical to a degree. A.) It's bound to happen. The first night of a big new change.... GONNA fucking blow. However... (B.) I knew from previous experience what this was going to be like. Exactly what it was going to be like. And I chose to do it. Fucking saddle up! SRSLY. It isn't forever and I am blessed to have a temporary place to go... with people who love me so very much and who will put up with and support my ass until I can put up with and support it myself!

And Mama made Chicken n' Noodles. If this sounds "so what" to you... you obviously don't know my Mama!!

My baby brudder..

...has been in Kuwait for a month now. Haven't heard from him in a few weeks... but I'm sure he's just busy. I have tp attempt not worrying or being paranoid!!