Maeghanne (maeghanne) wrote,

I'm here......

I'm now at my mother's place. For those that would like the land line to speak to me here, I'm more than happy to provide it off list, however, my cell doesn't get reception here.

James and I made it through Denver today and had lunch with a brother! (93 Brother...Thanks so much for lunch!) And then went and had a root beer float with my older sis Desiree. She rocks so hard. :D

Then... it was on the road to bum fuck Nebraska. I really felt fine when we got here. It wasn't until the sun started setting and I was engaging in conversations around the dinner table about the church pie social and how disappointed they are in < insert person A's choice here >, listening to my dog cry out on the porch... that I started feeling it. I am not me here. I knew I wouldn't be. I knew that this was going to be a "temporary uncomfortable" until I find work and a place in Denver. I am still going through a bit of growing pain. I miss home, and people, and sex, and drinking without having the empties counted, and letting my dog roam around, and... it's only the first night.

I really should be less and more critical to a degree. A.) It's bound to happen. The first night of a big new change.... GONNA fucking blow. However... (B.) I knew from previous experience what this was going to be like. Exactly what it was going to be like. And I chose to do it. Fucking saddle up! SRSLY. It isn't forever and I am blessed to have a temporary place to go... with people who love me so very much and who will put up with and support my ass until I can put up with and support it myself!

And Mama made Chicken n' Noodles. If this sounds "so what" to you... you obviously don't know my Mama!!
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